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ISA Slot Computers

ISA Slot Computers



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WE SELL ISA Slot Computers and/or ISA Slot / ISA Bus. Change is inevitable. Why grumble about losing your ISA slot compatibility when you update your computers? Preserve the usefulness of your data written and stored in older formats with Intel servers in tower or rackmount enclosures. Your business needs to stay flexible in the face of changing industry standards. Let NIXSYS configure the hardware you need.

Using our ISA slot computers can make a temporary task safe and secure. Use your data while you make the change to newer technology over time. The features we offer give you enough muscle to keep working without spending a fortune on transitional technology. It's all backed up by Intel's 2-year warranty.


We Build ISA Slot Computers

Consider what you need. We build the best custom ISA slot computers and ISA Slot PCs to your specifications. We start with a 3 full size ISA slot motherboard and your choice of a single Pentium 4 or Celeron processor. LAN and graphics capability is included. Add to the generous memory up to 2 GB total, or beef up transfer with PCI connections. Here is your chance to get the features you want on the equipment you need, all at a very good price.

At NIXSYS, we believe in building our relationship with our customers even after our products are delivered. Receiving your ISA slot computers on time and getting them up and running is just as important as selecting the right components. We've put together a support team that provides attentive and informed service. Don't hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.

2 thoughts on “ISA Slot Computers”

  • James Polisini

    I need a 5x ISA Pentium 4 ATX motherboard, with memory and Pentium to rebuild a monitoring system based on 5 ISA cards.

    • NIXSYS


      Unfortunately, we don't have a solution with 5x ISA right now, but if ypu contact are sales team at we might be able to help you with some alternatives.

      Thank you.

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