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IT Security


Cyber security is a major concern for businesses no matter what size.

We at NIXSYS know that your IT infrastructure needs are constantly changing and adapting to fit the demand of the market today. Whether it’s antivirus, email and web protection, password management or even disaster recovery solutions, we’re working with the industry’s premier security solutions to keep you protected. Especially with the increasing popularity of employees bringing their own devices to work, security risks to your network have grown dramatically. Laptops, tablets and smartphones on your professional network have combined your office’s infrastructure with your employee’s personal device and browsing habits. With leading the mobile device management solutions we help you stay on top of all the coming and going on your network, keeping you safe and secure.

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Maintaining your network is essential to keeping your business going. Whether it’s protecting your customer’s data or your own, your firewall is the virtual front door to your network. A below average firewall setup could allow intruders into your network putting your business and customers at risk. These data breaches can end up costing you thousands of dollars along with legal obligations you may have due to the potential loss of customer data. It’s every business’s job to protect their sensitive data, with NIXSYS you can count on our IT security services to keep your information safe.


Patch Managment

We keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates. Patch management is not just scanning and applying patches. Often patches need to be deployed in a test environment, undergo an approval process or require multiple steps to deploy. We have the tools and infrastructure to enforce policies and to easily address the complexities of software and security patch deployment.


Email Spam Filtering

In today’s IT environments email security has never been so important. Spam isn’t just a nuisance, it’s dangerous. Malicious emails could cost you thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time for your employees. With our premium spam filtering and virus protection your worries are a thing of the past. Filtering emails in live time, we can detect and stop malware, phishing attempts and annoying spam messages before they even arrive. With no bulky software or hardware to buy, our spam filtering is continuously up to date so you can feel safe knowing you’re always protected.


Email Continuity

Maintaining access to your company’s email is mandatory in modern day business, with our Email Continuity never experience email downtime. In the rare chance of a server outage our Disaster Recovery feature will automatically go into effect preventing emails from being lost. At the same time mail will be accessible through a web interface in which you can send and receive like normal. With up to 60 days of rolling access Email Continuity provides the added later of security to guarantee you’ll always be in touch.


Email Archiving

The information coming in and out of your company’s email builds the foundation of your business. Nowadays, the ability to monitor, retain and retrieve your email messages is as important as keeping your financial records orderly. With NIXSYS Email Archiving we provide a simple way to store all your company’s ingoing and outgoing email. Your archived mail will be easy to access and available from any web browser. Comprehensive search tools allow you to narrow down the exact parameters you are looking for making it easy for even the least tech savvy user.


Email Encryption

Email security and data loss prevention has never been more valuable than in today’s online and mobile society. It’s not enough to filter only your inbound email but protecting your confidential outbound email has become equally as important. Encrypting your outbound email allows you to feel confident the data you need safest stays that way. Simple to use for the sender and recipient, email encryption with data loss prevention has never been easier.



As the business world continues to develop into a fully digital environment it’s important to ensure you’re protected. Whether it’s your network, your employees work stations or even their own devices NIXSYS has you covered. With our premium antivirus software we keep you safe and secure no matter what your business does. Unlike other bulky antivirus software that slows down your computer, we ensure our antivirus solution keeps you secure while keeping your devices running smooth.



Malware or malicious software has never been more prevalent than in today’s online society. When hackers are trying to steal your sensitive data or gain access to your network, malware is usually their way of entry. These exploits of your IT system can take money directly out of your pocket and could potentially cost you clients. Using our suite of IT security tools we can protect you on multiple fronts whether its email filtering or antivirus, at NIXSYS we keep you protected.


Web Content

We know your business depends on the internet but today that comes with a cost. Whether it’s lower productivity from your distracted employees or the money it costs to fix an issue brought on by malicious software, it takes more to ensure your employees are browsing the web safely and efficiently. At NIXSYS, we make it simple for your employees to stay on task while also staying secure. With the ability to restrict access or even block certain websites web filtering will keep your business on track, focused and productive.