NIXSYS’ latest range of AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series SoC-based server and storage solutions offer new levels of optimized performance per watt per dollar, and deliver outstanding core density, superior memory bandwidth, and unparalleled I/O capacity.

NIXSYS new generation solutions supporting AMD EPYC™ enable a new range of powerful and energy-efficient server options to radically lower data center TCO through an optimized balance of compute, memory, I/O, and storage resources.


AMD EPYC Servers

AMD has long been committed to helping companies manage data and expand networks at a sustainable rate. The introduction of the EPYC processor to the AMD line of servers was a major milestone in computing history, and AMD continues to lead the trend toward faster processing rates and scalability of systems.

Most people understand the idea that a server with a faster processor is a great tool for improving data management, communication, and storage capabilities, but many people resist the transition to servers because they worry about the cost and the loss of time. In March 2017 AMD announced a server platform based on the Zen microarchitecture, codenamed Naples, and officially revealed it under the brand name Epyc in May. That June, AMD officially launched Epyc by releasing the Epyc 7000 series processors.

AMD EPYC Servers

In November 2018 AMD announced Epyc 2 at their Next Horizon event, the second generation of Epyc processors code-named “Rome” and based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture. The processors feature up to eight 7 nm-based “chiplet” processors with a 14 nm-based IO chip in the center interconnected via Infinity fabric. The processors support up to 8 channels of DDR4 RAM up to 4TB and introduce support for PCIe 4.0. These processors have up to 64 cores with 128 SMT threads per socket.


At NIXSYS, we work with major corporations, universities, small businesses and the U.S. government to develop custom designed and high performance servers. If you’re looking for the best AMD EPYC Servers, and you need a system that can expand as your business grows, our AMD EPYC Servers custom designed may be right for you. At NIXSYS, we work with you to develop a network of compatible and highly functional servers, featuring Epyc 7000 series processors. Contact us today for more information or for a quote for your next business initiative. Contact us for more information.

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