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Xeon Rackmount

Xeon Rackmount   If you’re dealing with a limited space, but you still need the highest level of performance from your processor, let the experts at Nixsys help you design a rackmount server network featuring powerful Xeon processors from Intel. Dual core Xeon processors are the latest trend is storage management and efficiency, and when […]

Xeon Servers

Xeon Servers   The Intel Xeon processor was introduced in 1998 for use in servers featuring multiple processors. Several different versions of the Xeon processor have been introduced over the years, and in recent times dual processor technology has made the Xeon more powerful while consuming less power. Click Here for Xeon Servers Product Line! […]

Xeon Rack Mount

Xeon Rack Mount   Intel has a lock on optimized computer processors with its revolutionary Xeon. This beefy machine has the combination for simplified management of complex data and communications. Available in single, dual or quad core, Xeon fits solidly into diverse computing environments. Rack mount formats make our Xeon based servers easy to install […]

Xeon Based Servers

Xeon Based Servers   You want servers that will suit your unique business requirements, without irrelevant software or inadequate performance. Buying computer equipment shouldn’t be a generic activity. We’ll build Xeon based servers that speak to your needs, because behind every NIXSYS product is a person waiting to customize your shopping experience. Click Here For […]

Tower Servers

Tower Servers   Tower servers are ideal for companies looking to fit a powerful networking system into a compact space. A server is an invaluable tool for managing information and sharing files. Many tower servers are designed to automatically back up your network and protect your data from hackers and security failures. Click Here for […]

Silent Workstations

Silent Workstations   In a perfect world, computing would be soundless, flawless and fast. That virtual environment is here, thanks to silent workstations customized by NIXSYS. Businesses with specialized technical or audiovisual applications will love our low-decibel, high-output server workstations built on Intel and AMD frameworks. Working to your specs, we’ll put together a personalized […]

Storage Servers

Storage Servers   Need more storage and maneuverability in your servers? Buy enhanced equipment from NIXSYS that will give you more, including multi-protocol function, expanded data and printer support, and superb RAID control–all in a consistently stable power envelope. We offer a select range of AMD and Intel products that will revolutionize your storage capacity […]

Rackmount Sliding Rails

Rackmount Sliding Rails   Data center organization takes a delicate balance of securing expensive, irreplaceable equipment and keeping it accessible. Sliding rails for your storage shelves or cabinets allow for easy maintenance and maximum productivity. It’s easy to see why your rackmount hardware may be the best investment you’ll ever make. You’ll find a full […]