Linux Laptops

Linux Laptops   We sell NEW Linux Laptops. NIXSYS offers NEW Linux Laptops. You love Linux Laptops for their security and broad application coverage. We love Linux software for its great productivity in AMD and Intel based computer servers. Let’s NIXSYS deliver this amazing horsepower in one custom-built package for your business. We install your […]

Linux Laptops

Linux Laptops WE Sell New Linux Laptops. NIXSYS offers Linux Laptops. These Linux Laptops are great for companies looking to fit a stable technology into a powerful new Linux Laptop. These New Linux Laptops are an invaluable tool for companies that have the need to update their old computer but still require older operating systems. […]

Dual Xeon Servers

Dual Xeon Servers   Dual Xeon servers offer you the chance to change the way you manage your business. Xeon processors from Intel deliver greater performance while conserving energy. In addition, Intel embeds technology inside Xeon processors that code software for threading purposes. This allows you to multitask with a great deal of efficiency. Click […]

Discount Rackmount Servers

Discount Rackmount Servers   When you buy discount servers from some computer builders, you often end up with their leftovers. This is not the case at NIXSYS. Choose from a full inventory of rackmount servers based on Intel and AMD technology–from bare-bones entry level servers to high-speed, megamemory, megastorage models. It’s our selection that puts […]

Custom Rackmount Servers

Custom Rackmount Servers   Rackmount servers are becoming more and more popular as businesses search for new ways to manage data and conserve space. Many people attribute the rapid development of internet technologies to the availability of rackmount servers. Rackmount servers are used in a variety of different applications, especially in video editing, computer animation, […]