Storage Servers

Storage Servers


Need more storage and maneuverability in your servers? Buy enhanced equipment from NIXSYS that will give you more, including multi-protocol function, expanded data and printer support, and superb RAID control–all in a consistently stable power envelope. We offer a select range of AMD and Intel products that will revolutionize your storage capacity from “never enough” to “more, more, more!”

Opteron’s 2U/2000 series gives you added range with 4 hot-swap drives and a whopping 16 GB of system memory. Xeon’s impressive 1333 series delivers dual processors and scalable storage in a 1U unit with great per-watt performance. Add RAID features that maximize the efficiency of your ongoing operations. Just ask one of our sales team members for personalized service. Building the right storage servers for the job is our job.

Easy Shopping for Storage Servers
NIXSYS has servers for every stage of your business. We’ve done the homework for you, choosing only quality, cutting-edge technology from experienced manufacturers. We’ve assembled an extraordinary group of service people with the care and know-how to help you get the right elements. Placing your order is the end of your effort and the beginning of ours.

We make sure delivery is swift, and if something is damaged in transit, we’ll replace it immediately. Our storage servers are designed for easy installation and transition, but if you have questions or take a wrong turn, we’re right here with useful solutions. Dealing with our tech people is uncomplicated and effective, and we can usually respond right away. Contact us with your questions about storage servers.

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