Windows 2000 Computers

Legacy OS Computers

WE SELL WINDOWS 2000 COMPUTERS. NIXSYS offers windows 2000 computers.These systems are ideal for companies looking to fit legacy technology into a powerful P4 computer or server.

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Windows 2000 Computers

These windows 2000 computers, are an invaluable tool for companies that have the need to update their old computer but still require windows 2000. NIXSYS standard product line of windows 2000 computers are available in a tower chassis and also 3U/4U rackmount chassis, other formats are available upon request.

NIXSYS standard product line of legacy MS Windows OS computer are available in a mid-tower, micro tower and desktop chassis and also 2U 3U and 4U rackmount chassis, other formats are available upon request. These configurations allow fitting up to three PCI adapters. Our computer are compatible with a variety of different new and old operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, Windows 98/95, NT, and MS DOS among others. Many people resist investing in windows 2000 computers for their companies because they think that the system are not available and the ones that are available are too expensive. But here at NIXSYS we use up-to-date industry standard components to custom-built windows 2000 computers at very low price.

Windows 2000 is a continuation of the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems, replacing Windows NT 4.0. Originally called Windows NT 5.0, then Windows NT 2000, Microsoft changed the name to Windows 2000 on 27 October 1998. It is also the first Windows version that has been released without a code name, though Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 was codenamed “Asteroid” and Windows 2000 64-bit was codenamed “Janus” (not to be confused with Windows 3.1, which had the same codename). Windows 2000 was first planned to replace both Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0. However, that changed later. Instead, an updated version of Windows 98 called Windows 98 Second Edition was released in 1999 and Windows Me was released in late 2000. Close to the release of Windows 2000 Service Pack 1, Microsoft released Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, targeted at large-scale computing systems with support for 32 processors, on 29 September 2000.


Windows 2000 Computers

At NIXSYS, we work with major corporations, universities, small businesses and the U.S. government to develop custom designed windows 2000 computers. We make sure you get the components you need, and we provide the processing power necessary for your applications that required legacy technology.

Depending on your needs, you can use a Celeron or Pentium 4 processor for this windows 2000 computers and you can use up 2GB of memory. Our windows 2000 computers also offer the Silencer Kit option that make these a very quite computer or virtually silent. Contact us for more information.

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