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Installing MS DOS

Step 1: Create a bootable DOS Disk:

Note: This is alternate to if you don’t have boot622.exe disk. If you have boot622.exe disk you can skip this step 1 of creating a bootable dos disk.

Insert blank disk on Floppy drive. Go to my computer and under 3½ Floppy (A) drive right click. Click on Format. Check the box that says, Create an MS- DOS startup disk You can give a volume label any name at this point. May be give it a startup as a label. Make sure that volume label is not more than 11 characters long. Click start. When done close the pop up box.

Step 2: Create DOS Disk 1, 2 and 3 install disk.

You can search online to get DOS disk. Once you get the all three disk downloaded from online or any other source move on to following steps.

Create DOS install disk number 1:

Format disk 1

Insert Disk on floppy drive. Format the disk. Follow the same method as describes on step 1 above, but this time do not check the box that says Create an MS DOS startup disk. Regarding volume label you don’t have to worry about it at this point. I will explain you latter why we need not worry about volume label at this point.

After formatting the Floppy, copy all the content of disk 1 from the location where you saved the download (or where you unzip the download) to the formatted floppy. Now here is the little configuration part we have to do manually. PC will not recognize this floppy unless we give this floppy a volume label. For some reason giving a volume label from windows doesn’t seem to work for me. You need to go to DOS window to give disk a volume label.

Label DISK 1

You need LABLE.EXE file on your disk to complete this step. Check to see if you have that exe file on disk 1. If you don’t you need to copy that file from somewhere. I copied that file from boot622.exe disk. I haven’t looked around any other place to find it. I am sure you can get it online.

Once you have LABLE.EXE file on DISK 1 you are good to label the disk.

Insert MS DOS startup disk (or boot622.exe) on Floppy drive and boot your pc from MS DOS startup disk (you have to change the boot order on BIOS to boot from floppy drive first). Once you are on command line that starts with A:/>. You are in business. Now type LABLE and hit ENTER. Type the Volume label in following format.


IMPORTANT: There has to be a space between DISK and 1. All together you have to have 11 characters.

Follow the same process for DISK 2 and 3.

Now insert disk 1 back (you don’t need to turn off you pc.) and type SETUP.EXE.

Follow the instruction on the screen.

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