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NIXSYS offers new MS DOS computers. These systems are great those looking to fit legacy technology into powerful P4 computers or server.

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NIXSYS offers MS DOS Computers.These systems are ideal for companies looking to fit legacy technology into a powerful P4 computers or server. These computers with older MS Windows Operating systems are an invaluable tool for companies that have the need to update their old computers but still require older operating systems. These MS DOS Computers, are an invaluable tool for companies that have the need to update their old computers but still require windows 2000. NIXSYS standard product line of MS DOS Computers are available in a tower chassis and also 3U/4U rackmount chassis, other formats are available upon request. NIXSYS standard product line of legacy MS Windows OS computers are available in a mid-tower, micro tower and desktop chassis and also 2U 3U and 4U rackmount chassis, other formats are available upon request.

These configurations allow fitting up to three PCI adapters. Our computers are compatible with a variety of different new and old operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000, Windows 98/95, NT, and MS DOS among others. Many people resist investing in MS DOS Computers for their companies because they think that the system are not available and the ones that are available are too expensive. But here at NIXSYS we use up-to-date industry standard components to custom-built MS DOS Computers at very low price.

MS-DOS was a renamed form of 86-DOS (informally known as the Quick-and-Dirty Operating System or Q-DOS) owned by Seattle Computers Products, written by Tim Paterson. Microsoft needed an operating system for the then-new Intel 8086 but it had none available, so it licensed 86-DOS and released a version of it as MS-DOS 1.0. Development started on 1981, and MS-DOS 1.0 was released with the IBM PC on 1982. Tim Paterson is considered the original author of DOS and he is called “The Father of DOS”. Worried by possible legal problems, in June 1981 Microsoft made an offer to Rod Brock, the owner of Seattle Computers, to buy the rights for 86-DOS. An agreement to release all rights to the software was signed on June 1981. The total cost was $75,000. Originally MS-DOS was designed to be an operating system that could run on any 8086-family computers. Each computers would have its own distinct hardware and its own version of MS-DOS. The greater speed attainable by direct control of hardware was of particular importance when running computers games. IBM-compatible architecture then became the goal. Soon all 8086-family computers closely emulated IBM’s hardware, and a single version of MS-DOS was all that was needed for the market.

While MS-DOS appeared on PC clones, true IBM computers used PC DOS, a rebranded form of MS-DOS. Incidentally, the dependence on IBM-compatible hardware caused major problems for the computers industry when the original design had to be changed. For example, the original design could support no more than 640 kilobytes of memory. Manufacturers had to develop complicated schemes to access additional memory. This would not have been a limitation if the original idea of interfacing with hardware through MS-DOS had endured.

New MS DOS Computers

At NIXSYS, we work with major corporations, universities, small businesses and the U.S. government to develop custom designed MS DOS Computers. We make sure you get the components you need, and we provide the processing power necessary for your applications that required legacy technology. Depending on your needs, you can use a Celeron or Pentium 4 processor for this MS DOS Computers and you can use up 2GB of memory. Our MS DOS Computers also offer the Silencer Kit option that make these a very quite computers or virtually silent. Contact us for more information.

New MS DOS Computers

For additional information please contact us at sales@nixsys.com or call us at 866-464-9797.

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